almosthumanAfter having watched the entire season of Almost Human I can say with 90% certainty this show will probably be canceled on Fox. And that it’s a crying shame.

Almost Human is a great buddy cop romp, one an android and the other an emotional human. Set in the year 2048 it shows how science and technology have not only advanced the human civilization in positive and influential ways, but also how badass criminals can now be with a bit of tech. It’s overarching storyline of a guy who wants his life to get back to normal and an android who just wants a normal human life is intriguing. The dynamics between Kennex, played by Karl Urban, and Dorian, played by Michael Ealy grow throughout the series in record time.

While several stories unfold and wrap up throughout the course of the season there are still plenty of mysteries to be had for a great season 2. Why is there a giant China-esque wall in the city? Where is Kennex’s girlfriend Anna? And without spoiling too much: who or what is on the other side of the Wall? Are they being kept out?

So why will Fox cut it? It’s too different. It sits on the fence of hardcore sci-fi and too easily explained fluff for generic TV audiences. While it already has a small but vigilant cult following the wider net of TV watchers either enjoy it’s retro Blade Runner vibe or they just don’t. That “don’t” adds up to lots of lost dollars, which are frankly the only reason there is network TV anyway. Fox certainly isn’t making TV to win artistic and merit awards.

Almost Human is the start of something amazing that I believe can really attract a large audience given enough time and space to breath. I hope that if, unfortunately, Almost Human is cancelled the story will continue in the  second best media for it. Graphic novelization.

Catch it on Hulu or Fox.

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  1. I hope they continue the show.. The characters are likable and the stories are very different. Damm if anything maybe Netflix would pick it up exclusively or something like that.

    1. It would be so awesome if it could continue on via Netflix or the rights got sold off to Syfy or someone. I like that where we are right now in the world stories don’t have to die when a network pulls the plug. I mean we kick started a Veronica Mars movie. We can do anything!

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