I read Neil Gaiman’s American Gods last year and loved the beginning character development. The story of Shadow and his compatriots (and enemies) was exciting to me and I liked being able to pick out the obvious literary and mythical references as well as the nuances of fitting them in a modern day story. However, for some reason, the ending killed me and all I feel about the book is meh. As I’ve discussed before on this site I love Neil Gaiman and I read American Gods before I read Neverwhere. I haven’t really sorted out my feelings about why American Gods left me feeling so blah with the end of the story but I am thrilled to see it come to TV as the characters were a joy to read.

American_godsShowrunner for Pushing Daises, Bryan Fuller, will be running things which gives me great vibes and hope! Loved PD. Also the show will be on Starz so that should lend itself to being as accurate and profanity filled as possible with the source material which I was worried about when HBO dropped it. I absolutely cannot wait to see who they cast as Wednesday! I am sure Shadow will be great but I read and listened to American Gods and I just can’t see a current actor who could can play Wednesday so easy and so stone cold in my mind.

Since currently the show is vapor I won’t get my hopes up too high but the internet is buzzing with new info and I am excited!

Check out Bryan Fuller’s latest interview with Den of Geek for more details on the nuances behind making American Gods.



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