It Rocks: Hex11

At only three issues published so far, Hex11 rocks my socks. Written by Kelly Sue Milano, Hex11 features a young witch named Elanor Kent who is the apprentice and assistant to Vera, an extremely powerful (and mischievous it seems) witch in the Hex, the “urban underworld” where they live. Elanor dutifully follows Vera’s orders that often lead to […]

March Madness 2015: The Best Fiction Book in the World

The Valkyries’ Call thought it would be fun this month to take part in March Madness with our own crazy bracket. Get out your thinking caps and suggest some books to show down for: The Best Fiction Book in the World! Can Harry Potter beat Wuthering Heights? Can Jane Austen kick Stephen Kings butt? This is a tough challenge and clearly a […]

It Rocks: State of DisUnion

State of DisUnion is a newly launched webcomic from the seriously talented Kathryn Crenshaw. Another Dallas Comic Con find–score one for my geek shopping skills! State of DisUnion is a humourous webcomic that portrays the 50 United States as people who have complex and distinct personality traits. The webcomic is filled with U.S. and political history, as well as current events! It’s a […]

Geek Girl Brunch’s Gotham Academy Giveaway ends Feb 4th!

While the VC is about every genre my love for geeky stuff definitely spills over a lot. Check out Geek Girl Brunch’s Gotham Academy Giveaway details below! Geek Girl Brunch GOTHAM ACADEMY DOUBLE DOWN GIVEAWAY! NYC GEEK GIRLS– Send us a photo of yourself at checkout at Forbidden Planet NYC(or with your FP receipt) with […]

It Rocks: Dragon Slayer – Devin Kraft

It takes a man to kill a dragon. What does it take to kill the Dragon Slayer?   I met Devin at a local event late last year and was immediately drawn to his art. After buying a couple of pieces (Sherlock and Doctor Who, who could say no?) I also picked up a limited edition […]

It Rocks: Manfeels Park

I find THOUSANDS of things I love on the internet. I mean…how can you possibly not? Sometimes I believe there is no need to review or explain, just share. Thus “It Rocks” has been born. Manfeels Park  Manfeels Park takes the real commentary from men around the Internet and puts these conversations into classic Jane […]

Power Nap: Webcomic

Power Nap is a great online graphic novel about a man who literally has to sleep. Set in a world where sleeping is for chumps it’s got weirdness, sexy monster, and lucid dreams that can kill you. While the updates aren’t as continual as some comics they are trying to get on a more consistent […]

Star Trek: TNG Love

The “Star Trek: The Next Generation” Cast Have Taken The Ultimate Reunion Selfie. Absolutely adorable! Makes me want to watch Star Trek TNG all day. Again. Poor Worf gets almost no love and of course no one is missing Miles O’Brien. Speaking of which if you’ve never seen this comic I ask you to please […]