Dear God.

I had high hopes for my first Comic Con to vend at. High hopes of talking to tons of people, blogging and tweeting, and promoting not only my friend’s booth, but this website as well, The VC. I. Was. Insane.

While I do believe we choose a great con to start at, not too small and not too big, we were utterly surprised about the amount of interaction that came our way each day. Between trying to engage passers-by, passing out promo cards, and actually talking to people interested in my friend’s booth, I barely had time to eat or run to the restroom let alone walk around, attend a panel, or buy anything. Blogging during was certainly out of the question and while I stopped and grabbed pictures with some of the great cosplay walking by our table I let some amazing photo ops go past out of pure exhaustion.

I am a pretty standard introvert so talking to strangers and passing out promo cards is a new experience for me, but one that I liked and will do again. While my buddy and I did some research before to try to feel what we were walking in to I believe actually being there for 3 days, 6-8 hours a day was just not something we would’ve really been ready for without having gone through it.

Here are a few of the pictures I could capture. Onwards and upwards!

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