One of the things I dislike about reading is that I can never discover that story again for the first time. I try to wait a few years to re-read it, but eventually I remember lines, plot twists, or jokes and it feels very anti-climatic. While that can be tiresome, I know the value with repeated readings are the extra nuances that reveal themselves from the story. I am still finding funny things and oddities in Pride and Prejudice and I have read that literally 25 times. At minimum. But the initial surprise of reading is gone and that’s a bit disappointing.

On the flip-side, I love discovering things that other people have known about for years. Their obvious enjoyment of it spikes my interest and curiosity and off I go to discover and fall in love. No matter when someone discovers something, whether it be a current show or one that’s 10 years old, a classic novel or a bestseller, different people will come to discover it at different times – always. That’s why on this site there will be a review for an established author that may sound as if he’s never been read before. There will be a gush or critique for a show long off the air. Everyone has their moments of discovery. Insight, from different points of view and in varying personal timelines, should be thoughtful and fun no matter when.

I hope to find new things to read, watch, and consume every day. I believe life would be incredibly boring if I tried to keep up with only the current happenings in books, tv, and other fun consumables. I’ve also noticed with more and more readings or re-watchings how we build and build off the same classics. Enjoying the old helps us understand the new in exciting ways.


Featured image  “Danbo Discovers” by Arielle Nadel, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

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