D. Hale Rambo

As the ——— I have borne many daughters—each gifted with forging worlds anew, as only immortals may. No realms inspire such delight and mystery as those within the Divinityverse, lovingly woven by my girls’ quick minds and swiftest quills!

Kaira’s woven world from dreams and stardust, Larrakane’s pages puzzling for sense and soul, and Alexandra’s parallel realms of aether’s allure where mortals court magic’s gifts and perils manifold. Each stands sovereign, a kingdom unto itself, yet each infused with the essence of the others in homage to the vast realities placed under my daughters’ care.

What ambition have my girls, to forge not one but many worlds within a world, that their wayward gods and mortals might pursue desires unbound? And such cunning, leaving open portals so souls drawn to one realm may wander wild roads to the next, seeking truths not even I may foresee…

~ ———


High Fantasy

Each series in this universe stands alone as an independent adventure. You might saunter straight onto the spunky avenues of Kairas, or navigate the puzzling Planar pages, as your fancy guides you.

But I daresay, once you’ve tasted of one world in the Divinityverse, you’ll eagerly devour the rest to spot those subtle connections twixt each story!


Historical Fantasy (mystery, mythical creatures)