Doctor WhoLast Christmas. I haven’t really enjoyed a Doctor Who Christmas Special in…years. The last one I vaguely still remember if 11’s tree spaceship adventure (you know, anything can be powered by a mothers love). So, I am going into this ambivalent to be honest.

YES: Ordinary roof people, doing ordinary roof things. Haha, Santa is already my favorite. Such a dork.

YES: Mwhaha, yes the thought that your mom and dad, once a year because of love give you a big pile of presents is just a lovely made up story. Oh, these elves are hilarious.

EH: Oh Clara, quit being so heartbroken. Well…actually I guess that’s mean. You DID lose the love of your life and stop being friends with the Doctor…hmm….okay you can be whiney for 10 more seconds Clara.

YES: Oh Doctor, if you are warring with Santa Claus I am all for it just to see the elves and their snappy one liners again.

NO: Don’t think about them and Don’t look at them. Oh yeah….I can totally see that happening just perfectly.

EH: Oh God…the dancing. Why doesn’t she just run straight through? And where was she going?

EH: DOCTOR…RUN. What is wrong with you?! You are such an idiot.

EH: Well Clara it’s not his fault you both lied about shit last time you saw each other. However, still sad face about Danny Pink. Danny Pink was cute and funny and did you see his little flip? Damn, now I’m missing Danny Pink too.

Doctor WhoYES: Wait are slinkys and tangerines saving the day?! Haha what the fuck is happening in this episode? Santa is riding Rudolph. Did…he just beep fucking Rudolph? That was just silly.

YES: I’ve got three words Shona. My Little Pony. Hahaha

YES: AHHHHHH Elfist. Which is a bit hypocritical from someone of your height.

YES: MWHAHAHA These elves are the best thing…like the one liners between Shona and Santa are amazing. I can’t even.

Isn’t everything a lie always with the Doctor. The Doctor is House.

Long story eh? That’s not shocking…the main mission is so just to wake those creatures up.

YES: “There’s a horror movie called Alien? That’s really offensive no wonder everyone keeps invading you.” It makes sense!

Jenna Coleman really is pretty…like I wish I could part my hair in the middle pretty.

EH: This would absolutely creep me the fuck out if I was Clara. I’d also be like…where is the Doctor?

EH: Okay, do people really look like that at each other? It’s sweet but isn’t it also weird?

EH: Ewwww, drinking your brain. Well that’s disgusting.

YES: Aww, Danny Pink…even as a dream has his “saving Clara” scruples on. This is what makes real world relationships totally hard. Haha finding a Danny Pink, a Rory Williams, even a later day Mickey is just impossible.

YES: You’re a dream that tries to save people. Hahaha Touchy feely stuff. We don’t need all this.

YES: Hehe Doctor, people don’t have cooties.

YES: “I’m scared.” “Good, that means you’re not an idiot.”

YES: Ha, I mean the Doctor seems a bit abrupt and cruel just saying bye but I kind of get it. Kill the beyond help people, get the fuck away from the science expedition, and don’t be dumb. Pretty great life lessons.

“Do you know what I hate about the obvious? Missing it.”

YES: “As you were. No saluting. Are you the same people as before? Sorry, I deleted it.” Hahahaha oh fuck. Capaldi is so so SO good as the Doctor. Tennant and Smith were way too compassionate as Doctors to pull lines like that off. Eccleston could’ve done it though.

YES: Oh Clara, with the hugging and the making me cry. Even the Doctor can’t be bothered to push you away.

YES: The Doctor can’t even drive the Tardis correctly. Who gave him flying reindeer.

NO: Wait…what? Wait…Clara is old and like…alone? WTF. Why is the Doctor being so nice and sweet? Why the dream within the dream??? That was unnecessarily evil. Now I’m crying again….damn you Doctor Who!!

That was absolutely a fun romp if the story was a bit over played. I am sure there are plot holes a mile long but I won’t think of them for a while and really that’s what I love about Christmas. Time is so fleeting you just suck up all the jolly you can.

Can’t wait until 2015 Who. Peter Capaldi is KILLING IT as the 12th Doctor.

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