Now that the last of my traveling is done, for the month of October that is, I feel like I can finally get back into a decent schedule with all the TV, movies, and books I want to devour. Of course that doesn’t make this Doctor Who review any more on time, but what can I say? I love traveling!

YES: Okay, I am not sure how much we are going to see The Doctor talking to little children in this episode, but I hope it’s an amazing amount because I am already crazy delighted. “Surprisingly round face?”

YES: I don’t know where they shot this at but I love love all the scenery. Also, poor T-Rex would really fit into London now.

EH: Obviously Clara and Danny’s priorities are a leeetttlllee different. I’m with Clara on this one thoughleave the kids in the museum and let’s figure out if we’ve all been asleep for hundreds of years! Also, how the heck did that little girl get out of there when they could barely open the door? What’d she do scuttle out before everyone fell asleep.

YES: Tree-facebook! It kill’s me.

NO: I mean parents are dumb, but they aren’t that dumb, right? Children should just not be smarter than adults in times of crisis. Just..lolno.

YES: You are a doddy old man. It’s adorable. Ahhhhh get away from the controls.

EH: Danny is totally going to break up with you Clara and I don’t blame him. I’d quit lying to him if I were you. Also, Danny stop being an emo meanie. You KNOW you wanna be an adventurer.

Okay is this little girl just tricking them? Cause that’s what it seems like. Here’s a path to follow. Tee hee. BOOM.

YES: Also, I love that she just stopped, looked at the hazmat looking suits, and then put her hands back up to run off all little girl like. Lol, WTH?

YES: Hmmm, non flammable trees. I want those! I have the worlds worst green thumb.

YES: Oh goodie, a solar flare to wipe out the planet. Maybe the non flammable trees will solve it?

EH: Why did she turn around all creepy like she expected the wolf? Hi wolfy wolf.

Well, that’s creepy. This totally reminds me of Torchwood and that creepy aliens using kids as drugs shit.

EH: Why is the grass trying to kill them? Also….no wait WHY IS THE GRASS TRYING TO KILL THEM?

NO: How long as that mom been on the bike? Haha, just tooling around in the forest.

You know her face IS surprisingly round.

YES: Adorable. Absolutely adorable. I mean just make me weep and my womb to contract.

EH: Okay, Danny, you officially bore me. II just don’t get not having ANY curiosity outside the world because you were a soldier in war. ALSO, if you want to keep things close to you, why wouldn’t you want to be with Clara always as much as you can. You never heard Rory saying “You know I lived 2000 years as a soldier seeing everything. I think we should stay at home now instead of traveling with the Doctor. Don’t really want to focus on anything but a hum drum London life.”  Rory – the ultimate companion always. 

YES: Forgetting is so the ultimate super power of humans.

NO: Oh, wait does this mean Annabelle was a runaway? That part was really weird..and confusing...and unneeded. Sigh. Weird.

I am not 100% how I feel about this episode. I am sometimes very much a “What’s the point?” girl and while it was a lovely filler episode the point may well be flying over my head on this Doctor Who vignette.

Favorite Lines:

D: Even my incredibly long life is too short for Les Miserables.

D: I’m a Time Lord not a child minder.

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