Note: I am shocked and disturbed and therefore this review will only make sense if you are currently watching the episode or just recently watched. I can’t even go back and make it logical because of THE FEELS. Also, I am not going to do YES, NO, EH because this entire episode is YES.

Crying. Like… wait, what?! That’s just so wrong. I’m not even sure where this episode is going and already IT IS SO WRONG.

Clara seems freakishly weird, but I totally get the “It was ordinary” part.

Damn Clara… you done gone CRAZY.

I wonder if the seven keys are like a magical number. Why does the Doctor have seven and not, hehe, 13?

Oh, good a dream state. You know I actually wasn’t worried that the Time Lord couldn’t get back inside him Time box because he can SNAP HIS FINGERS. Poor Clara though.

Awww, crying. Doctor: Of course I am going to help you. Do you really think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?

Hahaha, it’s running like a government shop. Bumbly and kinda funny. I don’t know who the administrator is but he’s sassy and fun. And very, very annoying once recently dead.

Doctor: And what if people see us together? I need attitude

Agree with the Doctor! It would be really creepy if Clara were okay with everything that was happening and trying to contact Danny. Also, all of the dead turning is so weird to me. Also MissyMISSY YOU ARE CREEPING MY SHIT OUT.

Aww Danny, you killed a little boy? Sad face. I am only vaguely interested in this C story because we knew Danny killed during the war and it’s not like he acted traumatized or anything ever, effing, episode!

Where the fuck is this going Moffat? Poor Danny, always cold. DON’T CREMATE HIM!s8e11_1

Doctor: I feel like I’m missing somethingobvious. I literally screamed OH NO when the doors closed. Man this is fucking BRILLIANT storytelling. Damn you Moffat! I want to hate you and love you and hate you.

Why are the Cybermen storing dying minds? Oh holy shit. OH HOLY SHIT. That is likea major complicated plan Cybermen. Likestupid crazy complicated. I fucking love it. Missyyou are insane.

Missy is a Time Lord? Which Time Lord??!

Doctor: I assume you have stairs. Missy: Well, I’m not a Dalek! 

Fuck me, is the Doctor in London?! And all the recently deceased people are just living in a cube? A Time Lord cube?

Dude. Clara do NOT turn around.

Oh no, he’s gonna take away the feelings! Don’t let him take away the feelings Danny!!

Freaky ass Cybermen dawgs. I am….shocked. Clara turned around.

Cybermen hiding in plain sight!! In the graves?! I mean Missy is rightthe dead do outnumber the living on Earth.

HOLD UP. The Master regenerated into a Female Time Lord and is now working with the Cybermen?! I mean 1. Never saw it coming. 2. HOW DARE YOU THE MASTER. 3. Would’ve been cool if had been an actual female Time Lord from canon.

Okay, I absolutely LOVE this two parter right now. I am all like WHAT and WHO and YIKES. There are a few things I am confused about still such as why have aliens been trying to actually get to the Promise Land? They were mainly robots so maybe they were Cybermen prototypes?! Also, wtf does 3W still mean? How did the Master come back??

THIS SHIT IS SO LEGIT. *runs around hyperventilating* I must now dive into the fandom and work to figure this out before next week.

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