YES: Watching the Doctor squeeze out of a half-size Tardis might be the highlight of my entire week. I am totally fine with that too.

Side note: that’s the perfect size to fit into my apt, just saying Doctor.

YES: Oh goodness he squeezes himself back in. Squee!

YES: I do believe someone has stolen the Tardis from my dresser top! It is adorable, but I want it back now! Omg does this mean there could at any moment in this episode be a tiny Doctor rubbing around?!

YES: Let’s be honest, I’d totally pretend to be the Doctor too. I can’t fault Clara for that at all.

YES: Local knowledge. Man, these nicknames are getting better and better.

Well, now I’m creeped out. Thank you Who.

NO: I’m confused is Danny on board or off board or do I care? Mr. Pink is super cute, but not if he’s going to be a dill weed. Apparently Clara agrees.

YES: I love that the Doctor is still being careful about other races. He’s still giving other races the chance to prove they aren’t evil or inclined to hurt humans on purpose.

doctorwho_s8e9_2YES: Also love that he has no idea he sounds so menacing.

YES: I can’t even with the pie bit.

YES: The Twoodis! It’s called the Twoodis! Why do I even bother?

NO: I understand that some Doctor who characters are obviously two-dimensional (heh) for the plotline, but it’s obvious no asshole, no matter how big the asshole, would be such an asshole as this old guy. Good job old disgruntled guy. Dropping the Tardis. What was your plan anyways?!

YES: And I name you the Boneless. I love angry Doctor when he’s really tried to be nice. Very nice continuity in Doctor personality.

Really loving this episode as much as the last. I thought I liked Mummy on the Orient Express because it was Clara light, but that’s just not it. Now that’s Clara’s off her pedestal and not acting perfect and a big know it all I like her more. She’s infallible and human something I haven’t felt Clara ever be.

We, as watchers, have always wanted to be the Doctor a bit. Come on don’t lie. It’s the thought that it would be a little fun to know everything and be better than everyone. I like the role reversal of this episode and Clara spouting classic lines.

It’s clear the Doctor, while impressed by Clara realizes he is changing Clara. She lies, she’s addicted to the lifestyle and she now longer realizes the total concept of Wrong or Good. In the solider theme of the past episodes is the Doctor accidentally turning Clara into his little identical soldier? Which, for me harkens back to 10’s Journey’s End and the Supreme Dalek monologuing the Doctor turning his companions into weapons of war. In Clara becoming a more rounded character she’s also playing right into the hands of Missy, who we now have confirmed to have called and picked Clara to be the Doctor’s latest companion. For what reason, who knows? Perhaps to undermine the Doctor or overthrow and replace him and be Missy’s puppet. Whatever the reason we have a ways to go this season before figuring it out.

Favorite Lines:

D: It’s bigger on the inside. Do you know I don’t think that statement has ever been truer.

D: This explains everything. They’re from a universe with only two dimensions and yes, that is a thing!

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