timthumb.php*exhales* Finally. I have been avoiding mentions of Doctor Who on the internet like a nasty cold for MONTHS now. So it was great to finally be able to watch the first episode of Season 8, Deep Breath, with no idea of what was coming. Therefore I had no idea that I would go through so many emotions. Anger. Frustration. Anxiety. Happiness. Fear. Stubbornness (I was currently sitting in a theater with 100 other people crossing my legs for fear of missing something big so some of that may have been just the need to wee). Deep Breath was, when all was said and done, a great segue into a new Who.

I fell in love with Doctor Who with a bit of Matt Smith, a lot of Eccleston, ravished by Tennant and then back to Smith again. I am a fan girl with the best of them. My head is full of incredibly needed trivia about Nu Who and I have even started to delve into some old Who during the summers where I can’t get any Nu Who fix. So with Peter Capaldi at the helm I was more than a bit anxious but he whole heartily won me over. 

I was very frightened that he would be old, cranky, and curmudgeonly and I was surprised to find him cranky, confused, and curmudgeonly. Somehow, in that order he was brilliant. Trying to navigate his new identity in a way Tennant and Smith never did. For them it was with wonder and glee of discovering their new identity. For Capaldi it was with bewilderment over the identity he had now chosen. Why a face so obviously lived and weary? Why not a bright young new thing once again. What could all this possibly mean and not having the immediate answers to that and now, having lived almost 2000 years, what could it possibly mean seems to terrify our new Doctor. No longer is he the Doctor to be feared or forgotten. It seems now he is the Doctor to possibly make amends if I take the ending of Deep Breath literally (and why not?). 

dw-801-pack-9-1024x576Speaking of the episode, it was definitely one of the more creepier episodes in a long time. I had no qualms about covering my eyes a few times in anticipation of someone going BOO. I am already confused and intrigued by the riddle of the “Promise Land” and Missy (who BETTER not be River Song regenerated or any crazy crap like that). I loved the call back to last season. I almost started to weep again. I wonder what this new Doctor will discover about himself and I don’t feel bad in saying I hope Clara goes away very soon (more on that in a different post). I very much mirrored Clara as she tried to navigate this new Doctor and absolutely clap to the writers for that. Brilliant.

Welcome 12th Doctor. I am sure I will grow to love you as much as the others (but probably not dream of you all Tennant like).

Note: Things I am ignoring for a later rant. 11 as Clara’s BF? Really Who? REALLY.

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