Let’s do this. I am reviewing things a little differently in that I like to write my thoughts as I watch. It’s just more sporadic that way!

So far I find this episode incredibly outrageous. Doctor Who doesn’t visit fictional characters. This isn’t Jasper FForde and we can’t just hop into books willy nilly. So when Clara asks to visit Robin Hood I, along with the doctor am all sorts of like… You idiot (also a little sigh I miss Rose). Upon telling her fine they whoosh off to Sherwood Forest where this seasons best scene so far takes place. The Doctor Duels would’ve been an apt title for this episode because it starts and ends for me there in what is an elegant dance of wit. It seemed a bit rubbish to end with the doctor flailing because I like Capaldi’s Doctor. The writers have done a great job making me like him so why make him embarrassing and ridiculous? One minutes he cranky and creaky and the next he’s flopping about like he’s 11.


YES: The Doctor is incredibly suspicious of Robin Hood and this forest. He’s willing to test everything and anything and perhaps he’d get by a little better with the word please?

NO: How could the Doctor blow up the arrow target. The sonic doesn’t work on wood!

EH: OK now we have random killer robots who have peasants taking around gold coins? One thing I’ve always wondered about Robin Hood itself, how did these peasants have so much gold coinage?? I mean really though…they were peasants.

EH: The Doctor and Robin Hood squabbling is funny and dumb and for my sensibilities went on far too long. Of course it makes Clara look like the bright one. However I am not sure what the exact squabbling was for besides to illustrate the point that Robin Hood is gorgeous smart and witty. I don’t know where they found that actor but meow.

EH: So the robots are looking for the promised land but seem to have crashed on earth, disguised itself as a castle and are plundering gold to fix their ships. 1. why do all robots looking for the promised land feel the need to disguise their ships as buildings and plunder the human race? 2. I wonder if this will harken back to the 10th doctor episode Girl in the Fireplace back story. 3. I really liked the subtly of the missing planets story arc more than this promised land biz.

YES: The Doctor realizing that Robin Hood being created by the sheriff would be dumb was a nice touch. Because it would be dumb. Also the Doctor always banters what does he have against it now?

EH: So is the point of the Doctor denying Robin Hood to be real because he is a legend an analogy on the Doctor being a legend and hero himself? Because we’ve done that Moffat. Like 60 times.

NO: A bleeping golden arrow will somehow make the ship go into orbit?! Really there was a whole fucking vat of gold just..in..the..ship.

YES: Love that the Doctor cheated with a spatial arrow. LOVE IT. Any other Doctor would’ve done it too.

NO: I’m sorry did all the aliens just blow up and die? Are we going to touch on that or ? Oh no, no we are just going to move on. Got it.

All in all Robot of Sherwood was a fun romp, if not too closely looked at, episode. No mention or sight of Missy. Apparently the robot aliens didn’t really deserve the promised land? I give this episode a big EH.

The next episode looks scary as hell. I definitely won’t be watching that one anytime near nightfall. *shudder*

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