I’m already scared to watch this episode. The previews have been creeping me out all week!

EH: Really Clara? You go on a first date with someone and mention how you believe they’d actually shoot a kid because they had to shoot someone while enlisted. You are a SUPER catch.

Poor bloke never stood a chance but they are adorably super awkward throughout this entire episode.Danny Pink

YES: Doctor hiding in her bedroom. Telling her he didn’t want to interrupt if she brought her date home and telling her she already took off her makeup. “Well then you probably just missed a bit. Come on”

YES: I’m already creeped out! Want to turn it off. God I’m such a wimp.

NO: Wait there’s an interface to work with the Tardis? Man we could’ve used this like 80 times in the past. Thinking about a time with Rose once or twice. I mean she couldn’t work the Tardis to fly it back to save the Doctor so she just swallowed the whole vortex. Egg on your face Rose!

YES: Aww little Pink. He’s adorable. I’d give anything to go back and see a love interest as a child. Although I wouldn’t want to accidentally screw him up.

YES: The Doctor nonchalantly drinking the stolen coffee. He’s such a dick in the best way possible.

NO: Don’t just go look under the bed Clara! That’s how you die. Jeez get a broom or something! Oh, now you’re under there? Absolutely creepy.

YES: I mean.. I’m 30 years old and I’m considering turning this off. Love the Doctor using being scared as a weapon.

EH: Again, Clara. You are brilliant at dating. Not that I can talk.

EH: I’m confused. Haven’t we been to the end of the universe before? Danny’s genes don’t age well. I hope he does better in real life. Also weird to see your great-great grandson I bet.

YES: The Doctor is the biggest bravest idiot.

EH: So is what I’m learning here is that Clara, once again saves the Doctor and starts the Doctor being who he is. How am I supposed to interpret this ending? That when the Doctor was scared for the first time in his life of failing or joining the Army a dream taught him to hold this fear, to use it to be clever, strong, fast and kind? In essence to be a Time Lord?

On one hand I really enjoy the thought. The emotional call backs to obvious times where the Doctor’s been terrified but didn’t break. Were he used his mind to fix a situation that could’ve resulted in his and his companion’s death. I also like the bit about fear as a constant companion harking to why the Doctor should always have a companion. Having a companion has always ground the Doctor and kept him from being too dark, too scared.

On the other hand, the bit about the Doctor visiting the barn again, as the War Doctor, sort of pushed it over for me. Only because it breaks the realm of logic for me that Clara would know what barn she was in (yes on a show about an alien that travels through time in space I have a base line of logic). I’m so persnickety. Also why was he staying in a boys home? The Doctor has a mother.

All in all I did enjoy this episode even if I covered my eyes sometimes (I have no shame in this). There was no sight nor hair of Missy which I am happy about and I kind of loved all the fiddling about in Clara’s love life. If she had been just straight with the Doctor in the beginning he possibly wouldn’t have mucked about as much as he did but perhaps he was always destined to?

Also I still don’t know if there are ghosts or not ghosts. I actually appreciate Moffat for not trying to really answer that question. It is way better to wonder if those sounds are the pipes releasing heat or just a friend playing a trick on your then getting some weird version of Doctor Who’s “Where Ghost Come From” story. This episode actually reminded me a lot of the 11th’s Hide in which the Doctor takes Clara to visit a psychic who is investigating a ghost that haunts a mansion.

Favorite Quotes:
Danny: He took my bedspread. Doctor: Oh, the human race. You’re never happy are ya.
Doctor: You’ve already taken your makeup off. Clara: No I haven’t. Doctor: Well then you probably just missed a bit. Come on
Clara: Do you have your own mood lighting now cause frankly the accent is enough.

Next week looks vaguely interesting but more like filler. Capaldi’s Doctor is still growing on me and he certainly has quite a different take on things. Enjoying it.

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