Due to my weeklong binge of Avatar (omg omg omg, how did I not watch that cartoon years ago?) I watched DW a bit later than normal. Not to be completely cranky, but man this episode was a waste of time. Time Heist is so far my least favorite episode of the Season. Now, being that it’s only the 5th episode that’s not saying much, but for me Clara and the Doctor don’t really click, the plot doesn’t make much sense, and I realize in the end I don’t care nearly as much about any of it. I sort of suspected this would happen last week after watching the preview. Hide does it much better and with more grandiose meaning. For me it could’ve been just a fun romp of bank robbing (sort of likes Dinosaurs on a Spaceship which did not take itself seriously at all) if it had been to just get one over on some bad guy and be very clever.

EH: So far long hair don’t care. A shape shifting mutant is NEW though for Doctor Who. I’m curious as to how she became a mutant. Of course we probably won’t get any of that fun back story.

EH: Oh, I get it. Teller who works in a bank. Tells when people are guilty. Meh.

EH: He just.. Plugs himself in. Weird.

NO: The director will fire us… With PAIN!

EH: Aww, the cyborg has a heart. BELETED.

EH: I mean they are just throwing the feels at us right and left. Poor mutant girl who can’t touch anyone. Yo, Saibra, I’m really sad for you, I’ma let you finish, but Rouge was the best “not allowed to touch” mutant girl of all time!

NO: Wait, she just… She just… Wait, what was the point of her character?!

EH: Oh don’t be getting sassy with Clara half human.

NO: We get it, we get it! Fired means boom! Innards everywhere.

NO: I’d be more interested in this if one random character hadn’t just offed herself. Also, if you felt a righteous reason for robbing wouldn’t you feel less guilty?

NO: OK, really?! We met that guy like 5 minutes ago and although I like the way he went out with style, awesome, and a big heart WTF was the point? Just to move on with the story? Can Clara’s dumb butt not think for 10 minutes. Also, why did she run out there and run past the Teller?! She acts like she’s never hung out with the Doctor before. Man every past companion just did a MAJOR eye roll at her. Except Martha… Poor silly Martha and even she defeated the Master. Get your stuff together, Clara! /rant

YES: Well, that was an unexpected surprise. Psi is pretty cute! Now I’m all excited he still exists.

EH: Oh… The Architect is the doctor. I’m assuming because the doctor is ranting about hating him so much. Well he did say he was a clever man. s8e5_2

Yeah, I totally agree with my smart friend @JCDavisAuthor… A lot like Hide. A lot. Less creepy though.

Is the doctor competing with Pink because you’ve done that before as well.

Favorite Quotes:
D: Are you taller? C: Heels. D: To reach a high shelf?
C: Question Two: where’s the Tardis? D: Okay, that should’ve been question one.
D: A thing will probably happen quite soon.
D: What do you think of the new look? I was hoping for minimalism, but I think I came out with magician.

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