YES: I’m actually excited! And nothing in the first 5 minutes made me want to bash my screen in! Yay, Doctor Who.

YES: I think the beginning montage was just short enough to be funny and intriguing.

I just keep imaging the time 10 and Rose had to help out in that one weird school, but people died less fast that time.

YES: Ha, I love that the Doctor has the wrong guy. Also, Ozzie loves the squaddie. What does that even mean?

YES: Keep out of humans!

YES: Honestly the Doctor making himself invisible is clever. Why hasn’t that been done before?

s8e6_1Danny is a bit odd. Is it because Clara is a bit odd?

EH: Worst liar in history Clara.

YES: This may be my favorite description of the companion, Doctor, Tardis plot to a newbie in a long while.

YES: Man Clara, your dad is pissed.

YES: Seriously the Doctor is super down on Danny already just because he was a soldier? I mean, let’s be fair when meeting the dork that was Rory he let it go. I think the Doctor hates being reminded of the negative version of him.

YES: I don’t like this little girl. Because she reminds me of me. Because I would be that annoying. Plus, I like the nickname disruptive influence.

YES: Well, I’m actually surprised to see it come back early! I’m not sure why.

YES: I was about to say what kind of BF just lets his GF be a decoy but hello sexy flipping Danny. You just made my “Companions I Like” lists. Automatically above Clara.

EH: Well, I wouldn’t have thrown up. I was made of sterner stuff.

So… The promise land is the afterlife and Missy is god? Is that what I take away from the intake scene? Odd. Also, I don’t think it’s just the Doctors body count, but obviously we are going to see the people who die related to him. So… Interesting. Wait, why would aliens and robots be trying to fly to the promise land through space if it’s the afterlife.

Does not compute.

Favorite Lines
Doctor: So, you recognized me then. Clara: You’re wearing a different coat! Doctor: You saw straight through that.
Doctor: Frankly, you should all be in a permanent state of panic.
Danny: The accents good, but you can always spot the aristocracy.

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