Man, I am BEHIND in life this week. Heading out for a quick trip this week to Florida and getting ready for Dallas Fan Days Comic Con next weekend has left me a little crazy. Also, I have been cheating on Doctor Who with Gotham (shocker!) and Gilmore Girls (not shocked at all) but on to the show!

I’ve never brought this up before, but I really like the mix of the old intro music plus a snazzier intro imagery. Well done.

YES: Oh Clara, the takeout? I totally don’t believe we are going to kill anyone here today Doctor Who! Oh is that little me in the background? We just take kids now too? I’m down with this. And perhaps a bit jealous.

EH: Wait, did the Doctor say this? All I remember is her throwing up and me, very emphatically, telling her to grow a pair and enjoy the view. When did he crash down on her whole world?

s8e7_doctorYES: I love the Doctor. I love. The. Doctor. “I’m an alien from out of space who can help you. So you going to shoot me?”

NO: She doesn’t have to be a dumb kid to be likable. I’m just saying…one small thing? I’m saddened by you Moffat.

THOSE ARE SPIDERWEBS. RUN. RUNNNNNN. Oh, wait, this isn’t The Hobbit.

… I’d run anyways, just in case.

EH: Should I not pay attention to the back story details? Cause they confused me. The human race doesn’t care (2049 is the year) about traveling into space and has no shuttles, but a private mineral mining expedition got eaten 10 years ago and now we’re just gonna blow up the moon. Synopsis complete.

YES: Wait is the moon an egg?? If the moon is an egg I will absolutely shocked and wondrous. Oh no, it just houses killer spiders. Ahem, RUN.

YES: I told you guys to run. No one listens to me.

YES: Courtney being brilliant makes me happy. Sometimes we can all be brilliant in a crisis. Oh, and lucky.

YES: What is killing the moon? Spiders digging tunnels you butthead.

YES: Amniotic fluid huh? Sounds like… an egg.

NO: I’M BORED?! Are you kidding me. Boring little punk kid.

YES: The moon is hatching. CALLED IT. CALLED. IT. Stephen-Colbert-I-Told-You-So

NO: What… DVDs that bring the Tardis to the doctor? That… what? WHY ARE WE JUST WRITING THIS SHIT? Also Courtney’s change of heart is very annoying, but pretty spot on for a teenage girl.

I think this is the creature from Beast Below. No one knows where the last of that kind came from.

YES: Oh, Clara that’s smart. I like the lights on bit.

I’m not sure… why Clara is upset or mad or telling the Doctor to get out. He could’ve easily not been there during the crisis. We’ve seen that before loads of times. It’s why Torchwood was invented. Ugh, this is one of a million reasons I don’t like Clara. I just do not get what she is bitching about. She knows the Doctor and she knows the right decision. Instead of just making it and knowing he’d come back, she asks the entire world (which did you REALLY think the world wouldn’t be selfish Clara?) and then makes the decision anyways. You know he’ll have your back Clara. You knew that in the very first episode of the season.

I enjoyed the episode and I felt very much more in love with the Doctor than normal. I still do not enjoy Clara as much as other companions, but really, I probably never will.

Favorite Quotes [paraphrased]:

She stole your psychic paper. She’s using it as a fake ID. To get into Museums?

She can’t put pictures of me online!

Mind the children!

I’ll smack you so hard you’ll regenerate.

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