Favorite Lines:

Mystery shopper.. That’s your worst… Okay, I’m a mystery shopper. I could do with an extra pillow and I’m very disappointed with your breakfast bar and… all the dying.

YES: I love the doctor’s rag-tag team on this train.

YES: Well, I seriously did not expect that twist. So some big guy is behind this and is willing to kill less valuable passengers eh?

YES: This is so interesting!? Like one of the best episodes since the start of the season. It’s just the doctor being arrogant and doing his thing. Amazing!

YES: Rule number 1… The doctor lies Clara. Even about being an asshole.

YES: Are you my mummy? Lol.

Again with the soldier theme!

YES: Sometimes the only choices are bad ones. By you still have to choose.

NO: Liar, liar pants on fire Clara. Also, it is an addiction and is very hard to give up, but part of me wonders why Danny doesn’t come along too. If the Doctor can stomach beginningMickey why can’t he stomach Danny for an adventure or two?

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