Fringe Renewed for a fifth and final season! 


I am super excited about this. I love me some Fringe. I didn’t start watching it from the beginning only getting in to it within the 2nd season. I am a devout fringie now though. I was sad that it was going to go ut with a bang at the end of the 4th season but now it will get one more for a proper send off.

I just hope they don’t screw it up. Last week they showed a “pilot” type episode if it got reneweed. It was a pretty kick ass episode. John Noble is an amazing actor, one of the best actors I’ve ever gotten to watch…ever, and I watch a lot of weird, old stuff. He took the role of Walter Bishop and bloody well ran with it. However the rest of the episode was just weird. Like, it ws a completely different show. While I love the premise of Fringe its about the characters for me so you can’t just take some of the main characters away and go on for another season.



You can’t take and kill bloody Olivia and expect me to watch 22 episodes. This isnt Lost. That bitch better be in every episode, flashbacks, as a ghost, SOMETHING. And not just, “and now William Bell inhabits Olivia” but pure Olivia.


If they can keep that on the table then I will gladly tune in for any new weird twists and turns next season will have. Yippee!

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