I plan things way in advance. Sometimes way way WAY in advance. It’s part of my Project Manager nature. Knowing that I love all things geek and most things alcoholic (I blame working in advertising) a friend passed me some ideas for nerdy geek cocktails. Now I am on a crazy search to find awesome ones and while this list is not even remotely complete, they are absolutely adorable and a must have for binge watching days! (Which we are all still doing constantly yes?) I know I will be serving these for my Nerdy Thirty birthday shindig at the beginning of the year.

Do the kids still say shindig?

  • Doctor Who Mocktails
    • Gallifrey Double Sunrise – Looks absolutely delicious and might become a staple, with a splash of vodka, for Sunday nights while I watch and recap VC style.
  • Avengers Cocktails
    • Iron Man – My favorite of the list. I have a thing for orange juice in my cocktails. Let’s try to ingest  some nutrients shall we?
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
    • Green Gamora – If it looks like ice cream and tastes like dessert I don’t understand why I’m not already drinking it!
  • Adventure Time Cocktails
    • Finn – It’s blue and includes milk. Don’t question the things I love.
    • Jake  – Bubble gum vodka + Peach + Orange Juice? Yes, please. It sounds weird and vaguely uncomfortable. Just like my favorite cartoon dog. Sorry Scooby Snack Shot your time has passed.
  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
    • Pan Galatic Gargle Blaster – There’s just no way to leave this off the list. If I did I’d have to turn in my credits. There are hundreds of variations out there

Any other great geek cocktails I may need to desperately serve?

 Featured image via the-more-i-arty.tumblr.com

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