Hex11 Issue #1 SnapAt only three issues published so far, Hex11 rocks my socks. Written by Kelly Sue MilanoHex11 features a young witch named Elanor Kent who is the apprentice and assistant to Vera, an extremely powerful (and mischievous it seems) witch in the Hex, the “urban underworld” where they live. Elanor dutifully follows Vera’s orders that often lead to lessons in their simple-minded nature until one day an errand goes horribly off plan. Elanor starts herself, her employer, and her friends on path where the complex responsibility she hoped for is all too ready to present itself.

And the Award for Characters I’d <3 to Dine With Goes to…

Hex11 Issue #2 CoverVera, without a doubt, is a fun charismatic character whose depths I cannot wait to see plumbed as the series continues. The reader gets to know a bit out Elanor’s background in no time at all and why she lives with her employer in the Hex. Not much is said about the Hex itself so far but you can glean from artist Lisa K. Weber’s beautiful and lively pages what the Hex may mean to those practicing magic in the underworld and being watched over by Vera. The art and the story combine to make a thrilling story I’m glad I stumbled upon (and kind of want buttons these ridiculously adorable Dragon Kitten buttons from).

Witches Need Magic, Right?

The magic that Vera and Elanor use is powered by an energy source called The Ether. The crux of the background history seems to be that, past the Digital Age we are beginning right now as humans, this new age, the Magic Age, is when Hex11 takes place. Finding The Ether produced humans being able to do magic and now everyone wants to control, corrupt, or use it whether for the good or bad of all.

I am just left with so many questions after the 3rd issue that I can hardly wait for them to be answered. Also, if you are looking for a comic with a multitude of strong female characters, I think Hex11 might be a great series to jump in as each new character is intriguing with a strong personality that seems to jump off the page.

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