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Literary Fantasy Tabletop Session | Mr. Darcy

I think we all know that Jane Austen’s work is ever cycling in and out of our lives. From movie adaptions, books, and even a rpg (Good Society) it will never end. And I love that! I love Jane Austen’s novels and as I grow older my interpretation and affection for characters shift and change. 

And as always I think, because I’m a weird nerd, what would it be like to play d&d with these characters? Others have fantasy dinners, I have a fantasy tabletop session. 

Fitzwilliam Darcy

Once when I was in high school I had to write a paper about Pride and Prejudice. At the time I enjoyed the book well enough but, and this is dating myself, I really loved Bridget Jones’ Diary a bit more. I even wrote in my paper that Mark Darcy was a total crush even though he was a boor and sulky. And yes, I wrote Mark Darcy. Not, Fitzwilliam. So I will forever have the correction seared into my brain. 

Below is who I think Mr. Darcy would play in my fantasy tabletop session. I believe Darcy to be lawful good and perhaps wanting to shake that off for an evening or two. Based off of 5E at level 3. There are soooo many options with Pathfinder I’d be here all day if I went that route. 

Elf, Eladrin – While wanting to play something different than human, Darcy would totally pick a race he believe to ally to his current day, sensibilities. A creature apart of the world but still distant from it. This is Darcy pre-Lizzie acceptance, clearly.

Class, Sorcerer – Darcy believes some things are just inherit and while smart enough to be a book loving wizard, sorcerer would definitely speak to him. Who doesn’t love a good bloodline/origin ability? I think Darcy would be torn between Draconic, who he wants to be, and Shadow, how he sometimes feels inside. He is so very emo. Especially around that darn Elizabeth Bennet. Shadow would win. It’s just a fantasy after all. This would give him Strength of the Grave –  Your existence in a twilight state between life and death makes you difficult to defeat.  Seems about right. 

Stats – As a sorcery and with standard array Darcy would definitely dump all his stats into Charisma and then Constitution. He’d pick being intelligent over being wise and then randomly choose Dex or Strength for his 10 & 8. At this point in character creation he’s pretty frustrated and just chose something to move on.

Background – While Darcy would laugh at the Courtier background and shy away from the Haunted One because it hit a little too close to home, he’d finally settle on something to showcase he’s not completely without feeling to Elizabeth (who is totally also at my table and will be next).  Urban Bounty Hunter – He knows right from wrong and the thrill of seeking out the wrong party, working with those he thinks are beneath him but still valuable, and making it a respectable trade would mean he would be all in on this character. Business man by day, justice by night. If there was Batman in 5E, he’d have picked Batman.

Backstory – Darcy would agonize over this to craft the perfect story, I believe. After a nights thought and massaging of the type of character he’d want to convey he’d probably come up with a semi-tragic backstory, a magical fire perhaps, that he escaped from. Unharmed, but not unchanged, he’d explain how the darkness begin to seep in slowly at first. He began to exhibit unusual abilities that only now, can he start to understand.

And that’s it! That’s Fitzwilliam Darcy’s character, Ililamin Ostoroth, the  CG Sorcerer. He’d use black and red dice of course. He’s not a subtle man. 

You can view the character sheet with stats and bonuses here: https://ddb.ac/characters/23268200/EoukPH I picked his skills based on the character he was trying to create. 

What kind of character do you think pre-Lizzie acceptance would roll up? What about post-Lizzie acceptance?

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