Summer vacation is OVER and The Valkyries Call is back! I got a chance to sit down with The BoX creator Joseph Hughes of White Clover Inc. based in Dallas, TX. The BoX is a creative game (PC / Mac now, WiiU later) with over 80 levels of fun! Priced at $10 it’s a steal. Check out the Q&A below and head on over to their site to learn more and get in on the pre-order via their social links!

Q: What inspired The BoX?

The BoX was inspired by the ideals of fitting in and being defined. The whole game is based around the idea of being a sphere in a world of squares. You are more than capable of surviving and, in some ways thriving in this world. Rather than the usual video game go to of killing the obstacle in your way, in The Box, you are given the opportunity to learn from those “enemies” and even adapt their powers (by stealing their color) to make the journey easier.

Q: What all went into making The BoX?

The BoX was originally a solo project which I have at this point, worked on for over a year. A few months into the project, a masterful musician buddy of mine John hopped on board to help out with music and sounds. A while after that another friend of mine hopped in to help with some of the code I could not sort out. It’s been a hell of a lot of time and effort from the three of us. At this point I’ve done a full testing play through of the game well over 100 times to try and get it as bug free as possible.


Q: If you could have dinner with one game creator in the universe who would it be and why?

Hmm that’s tough… That’s really tough. There are a lot of people I admire in the game-dev community… Not to be terribly unoriginal but probably Shigeru Miyamoto as I’ve been a HUGE Nintendo fanboy since I got my hands on my first gameboy and a copy of Pokemon.

Q: What made you start White Clover?

Originally the intent with White Clover was to give an outlet for creative people I knew to have a place where they could promote their work and we could cross-promote their friends as well. Unfortunately, when it came time to actually pursue that most were not really contributing to this ideal, so it turned into more of a solo adventure of trying to get my creative works out in the world.

Q: What do you hope for White Clover?

I want to create and share stories alongside other passionate people who will challenge the ideals of others and leave you with more than just an empty victory screen. To instead give you everything from a great feeling of satisfaction to a tearjerking conclusion that leaves you wanting revenge.

Q: What games do you play?

At the moment I’m not really playing as many games as I used to as I’ve been more focused on finishing my own… But I do play WoW generally late at night.

Q: What can we look forward to from you? Anything you are particularly keen to discuss?

Well from me personally I’ll HOPEFULLY have my next book done this year. From John, I believe he has a new handful of songs that came out recently. As for us as a group we have already had the gears turning for our next game.

This game took a lot of care to try to tell the story through observation and event’s and not well-defined characters and conversation. Let’s just say our next project is at the other end of that spectrum. Stay tuned maybe follow me on Twitter! @mhinbron

Check out more info on The BoX:


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