I absolutely LOVE Bridget Jones. From books, to movies, to little How To’s that I am sure no one else knows exist I have read them all again and again. She is my favorite modern-day heroine. A bit bumbly but well-meaning. A bit petulant, but smart when she figures out what she wants. I have no shame in relating to her at all. May I go to my grave a little Bridget Jonesish.

madabouttheboyIt took me a while to get to Helen Fielding’s new and third Bridget Jones book. I was kind of surprised it happened at all. I remember reading how Bridget’s story ended in Fielding’s column and was terribly disappointed and sad with, what I thought, was a wimp way for Bridget to go out. I pretty much expected the book to continue in this vein, but what I got was a heart wrenching and delightful look at Bridget all grown up, although still not all put together.

I am just entering my “Bridget Jones Diary” phase of my life and while, absolutely NOT a manual to go by, I can easily relate more and more to her character and the absolute fuckwits she and her rowdy friends have to put up with to find a decent bloke in their mid-thirties. Fielding takes the Bridget Jones we know and love and puts her smack dab in her fifties with 2 kids and a Twitter account. Hilarity and honesty ensues. While the storyline was a bit too perfect at times you can tell Bridget has really grown as a person in the 10+ odd years since Edge of Reason. I won’t spoil it a bit by being more in-depth here but I cried, I understood, and I laughed so hard reading Mad About the Boy. If you loved Bridget Jones even a smidge and now have grown a bit older (and a bit squishier too) I urge you to read the book before the inevitable movie is made.

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