When I picked up Ready Player One on audible last year (Wil Wheaton narrates!) I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Since initially reading it I have recommended it to not only family and friends, but strangers in bars who fit the type of reader who can get down with a book like this. You know, child of the 80’s and 90’s. Vaguely into gaming, but with a quick recall of popular games, toys, and tv shows of our Generation Y youth. Ready Player One plays all the big hits and is, by far, the geekiest book I have ever read. It’s kind of like the ultimate fan service to me of someone who loves those things and wants to make you remember them too. I am pushing it for no other reason than I was cleaning out my archive of “Read” lists from last year and not only was my entry for this book bolded, highlighted, and exclamation pointed to hell it was captioned with “OMG I loved this book and almost cried. Which is weird because it is the geekiest book evvvvvvvvaaaaaaaa.” How can one argue with that?

Ready Player One made me excited and anxious for the main character, Wade, every step of the way. From his initial entrance into my brain, poor and living in a virtual world, to his slow slow entrance into a game that could determine the fate of his life. I hadn’t felt so compelled to care about a book since reading The Twelfth Enchantment (another spectacular read I will have to Quick View one day). Like I said before, this book has a LOT of geeky details about gaming & the history of games. The author, Ernest Cline, doesn’t hold back on the stakes at all throughout the book which makes for a crazy ride.

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