I have, what I like to call, Reader’s Block. It’s a bit like writer’s block except for that fact that I can technically write just fine. I just have no interest in reading anything new right now. I can’t seem to connect with the characters when I pick up a new book. I can’t even pursue a new comic because my attention starts wondering. Which is terrible because I have so many great new things to read and review! I picked up a couple of new comics at Comic Con, a couple of new self-published novels, and a graphic novel that seems fun. All just sitting and waiting for me to dive into. Instead, I continually watch Pride and Prejudice, read Shades of Milk and Honey, and watch Gilmore Girls. All things I have done a million times.

I am not exactly sure why I can’t invest in a new story right now or learn about a new character but it is really stumping my brain. I suppose I have a lot of things going on in real life and I’m comforted by my old literary friends during those times. To engage my mind minimally but continue to entertain me. I am hoping to shake off this reader’s block soon, preferably before Thanksgiving. If not, I at least know that once I come back from a holiday of sitting around I will have inhaled at least 3 – 5 things from my “new” pile and can share them with you all.

Featured image by Khalid Albaih “Waiting” CC2.0 

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  1. Gahh I have this so bad as well. I’ve been trying read Lord of the Rings for about three months now but all I wanna do is go back and read Ready Player One again. It’s such a hard cycle to break!

  2. Such a hard cycle to break!! I started finally reading Yes Please but it’s cold and I wanted an audio book so I am once again listening to Shades of Milk and Honey. I blame winter.

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