I thoroughly enjoyed Captain America: Winter Soldier. It starts off as high impact as Captain America: The First Avenger started off slow. Nick Fury and Black Widow played much bigger roles in this second edition than they did in the Avengers by far and it was excellent to get the additional screen time with them.

The story, to me, never felt stifled and I enjoyed the twists and turns and easter eggs along the way. One of my favorite scenes was early on in the movie when Cap is in the S.H.I.E.L.D elevator and floor after floor of agents get on the elevator. You can feel the tension from Rogers come off the screen in what led to an action packed 4 minutes. 

I am also glad they did not do a love scene or anything lovey dovey really with Black Widow. I was expecting the worst when I saw her appear and was sure that the hinted romance between her and Hawkeye would be rewritten in this movie to accommodate some love for the Cap but it never was. Her character was, instead, expanded upon and the writers shone light on her very real trust issues when it comes to people she works with and why she acts the way that she does. Honestly, I loved that there was no real Cap romance in this movie as it doesn’t really play into his character. He is an earnest innocent guy and the focus on his integrity, his questioning of his and S.H.E.I.L.D.’s choices was the greater storyline to go with anyway.

heeeeey babyWhat was lacking in romance was totally made up in bromance though. Not only did Cap get to make a new friend (heeeeeyyy Sam Wilson) who was badass in his own right, but he got to reunite, albeit in the worst way possible, with his hometown bestie. That threw me for a loop. I figured it out, maybe 10 minutes before it happened, but even then I was surprised continuously (the power of avoiding the internet).

Being that I have a love of superheroes, mutants, and all things awesome, but have yet to actually read any of the original comic books I take watching these movies as pure entertainment. I can be less disappointed than some fans because I have no notion of how the story should or shouldn’t go. As these movies start to wrap up in the next few years I am going to try to spend more and more time with the original stories and expand my knowledge of them. I haven’t before because it feels a bit spoiler-ish – to read something and try not to imagine what the movie is about. However, the premises are just too great and I want to be able to share this type of stuff with my own kids one day.

In the meantime, I will NOT be doing that with Guardians of the Galaxy. I have no idea what that movie is about and I can’t wait to find out.

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