SoullessAlexia Tarabotti is the kind of girl I would love to do lunch with and on occasion a sleepover. While she is the black sheep of her family and a little too plump for her own tastes she has a kind heart and a quick wit that will endear her to any reader. PLUS she’s a preternatural. What’s that you say? She has the ability to touch a supernatural creature and make their powers disappear, turning them back to the malleable human they once were.

I don’t know about you, but the concept of a neutralizing creature like that blew me out of the water. Then you throw in Victorian England, Steampunk, and sexy werewolves and you all but have my night booked! There are five books in the series all together and each is a fun story that wraps in on itself but continues the life of Alexia Tarabotti. It took be about 4 days of beach reading to finish them all so pick up the set via e-reader or paperback for your next trip. Worth it.


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    1. It’s amazing. Have you read her Finishing School series? It’s set before this one about 20 years I think. So far so great! I’ve only read book one, Etiquette and Espionage.

      1. No! I haven’t actually, I am reading some other stuff right now. I have no idea if you like the same sort of things that I do, but I could always make some recommendations if you like! I tend to jump around a lot.

        1. That would be great! I love reccos. and will read just about anything. I have a Goodreads accout thats linked on the sidebar. If you have one, let’s connect!

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