girlwhokingWritten by Kelly Thompson, this book got such amazing reviews on io9 that I have been dying to check it out. It’s a short read which is nice and took about 5 hours. I’m ambivalent about it. The premise is great and the mythology behind it intriguing, but I feel like the author just threw any mythology in as a scapegoat of “oh and this is why they have powers” instead of really exploring it. Why are there two girls completely opposite of each other! Why are they destined to fight? I won’t spoil anything but it makes no sense when the reason was clear. It’s more of a tell why than a show why and there is definitely backstory left out of the mythology.

The characters sometimes shifted into decisions that I felt came out of nowhere. One friend of a major character shouldn’t even be alive for most of the time they are together and yet somehow she remains!

Another small note, not necessarily critique, is that this book had a lot of gory scenes. I am not a gore fan person and if I had known it had explicit scenes I probably wouldn’t have read it. They don’t really add to the book, but they do not detract as well. If those types of elements don’t bug you then it’s fine.

I believe it is worth the read, but don’t look too closely at what, at the end of the day, is a fun short magical romp.

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