Rick and Morty is absolutely insane in a madcap brilliant sort of way. I stumbled upon it when absolutely bored and having just finished all 10 seasons of Friends (is it a wonder my book pile is stacked to high heaven?). Rick and Morty has only been around for one season, which ended in 2014, and its 2nd season debuts on July 26th. Now IS the time to catch up.

Rick is a ridiculous scientist and lives with Morty, his grandson, and family. After being estranged for 20 years, and it’s easy to see why, he comes back into his daughter’s life and brings a whole load of troubling antics with him. If you like Adventure Time, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, or even The Regular Show totally give Rick and Morty a try. It brings with it not only fun sci-fi adventures and strange new worlds but lessons of love, family, and morality you don’t really see coming from a gassy mad scientist. If you do not like fart or gas jokes stay away, trust me.

I want to see it get at least 5 seasons so I have something to binge when I am old and senile and everything is easily confusing. They have also developed Rick and Morty comics as a spin off and are only on Issue #2!

Ricky and Morty Season 2 Premieres July 26th on Adult Swim.

Find last season on your current interwebs.

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