It takes a man to kill a dragon. What does it take to kill the Dragon Slayer?


I met Devin at a local event late last year and was immediately drawn to his art. After buying a couple of pieces (Sherlock and Doctor Who, who could say no?) I also picked up a limited edition of Dragon Slayer. I had been in a reading funk for a while, cycling through my same favorite novels when I decided to give it a go.

It was gritty, fast paced, and a complex story that I loved. The designs are rich, bold, and absolutely draw you into the immediate conflict. There are a lot of comparisons drawn between men and beasts throughout the book that give the reader things to chew on as they try to guess where the story will end. Each character has their own clear agenda and the race to read is really a race to see who wins. I was hooked from the first page. The silent scenes in between some of the chapters was a compelling way to sell a point just in pictures alone. I’m definitely going to have to cycle through it again to catch things I missed but that’s what I do when I read graphic novels. Just re-read over and over again looking for clues.

At the back of the Kickstarter edition (I got 249 out of 250!) is the cover art for the three separate volumes which are a story within a snapshot. Hauntingly beautiful.

You can pick up a copy on Etsy! Check out more work by Devin Kraft @ Cheshire Cat Art


Bonus: Check out my awesome artwork I scored from the event below. These are listed on Etsy as well.

devinkraft_tardis devinkraft_sherlock

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