sodu_218State of DisUnion is a newly launched webcomic from the seriously talented Kathryn Crenshaw. Another Dallas Comic Con find–score one for my geek shopping skills! State of DisUnion is a humourous webcomic that portrays the 50 United States as people who have complex and distinct personality traits. The webcomic is filled with U.S. and political history, as well as current events! It’s a really fresh take on political and historical cartooning (with a little pop culture thrown in for fun). History lovers will get a kick out of the storylines introduced from day one. Kathryn states that “[Her] hope for this comic is that it won’t only display the problems, but also the diversity, humor, and culture of the USA.”

Having read the preview copy I picked up at Comic Con I was anxious for State of DisUnion to launch this month to see what kind of interesting stories Kathryn would deliver to her readers, and she has not disappointed! Historical facts supplement all the state’s personalities and situational caricatures which is a neat touch. If you are looking for a great webcomic to jump on to from the beginning check out State of DisUnion and follow on Tumbler.

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