I enjoyed writing on The Valkyries’ Call and planned to making something big of it when I started this website. I enlisted other writers to publish their content on the site and I kept up with reviews, read books, watched movies, and was sure this would be my next big thing.

And then I met a girl and everything changed.

I love stories. I’ve always wanted to be an author and I loved reading stories thinking about the characters I would make. I imagined how everyone would fall in love with my stories, root my perfect but not too perfect heroes and despise but understand my villans. And so I wrote, and wrote, and wrote. I’d put the pen down just often enough to have to start the thought machine up again and years went by and I didn’t finish anything.

And then I met a girl who took me home and we played Dungeons and Dragons. My world was shook. Here was a chance for me to not only write the stories I wanted to see written but to be in them. To make them happen. To put my perfect (but not to perfect) characters out there in the world and watch them fly. Mayhem ensued. Interesting results were had. I fell in love and haven’t looked back.

Now I DM a few games, play in a couple, and soak up anything related to this great role-playing game. I’ve dipped my toe into Pathfinder for a year and I’ve wandered into a space cantina from time to time. I’ve learned much and met a variety of eclectic characters in life and in-game.

So, I’m starting over. The Valkyries’ Call, once a respite for me to enjoy stories that other’s created in a variety of forms and share my thoughts, will now be my platform to soak up D&D, Pathfinder, and other RPGs I venture in to. To discuss what I’ve learned in the past three years, what’s happening now in the game has grown, tips from my screen, and much more. I’ll talk to old players and new alike, classic DMs and the new new wave of game masters who are stepping up to the plate to enjoy a game bursting at the seams with creativity. Come along for the ride and I promise it’ll be a good time. My proficiency bonus is high.

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