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How do you stop being a thief? Zizy assumed quitting her job, stealing from her boss, and flitting magically across the continent was one way to give it a go.

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Tools of a Thief is the sort of novella you can lose yourself in instantly. When you pick up D. Hale Rambo’s Dungeons & Dragons inspired book, you’ll be swept up in an immersive world filled with dynamic characters and radical romps.

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D. Hale Rambo

D. Hale Rambo is an author of fantasy with a dash of magic, including her debut novel, Tools of a Thief. An avid reader, gamer, and bubble bath connoisseur, she has been writing and creating other worlds since she was old enough to mark them on her bedroom wall. As a dungeon master and in life, Rambo believes in the fun of morale bonuses, inspiration, and always using cover. Get updates on the series, say hello, or debate with her about the versatility of gnomes!