A Dash of Adventure

Work by D. Hale Rambo


The Death of Netherfield Park

The adventurers are trying to stop the ball of the season or perhaps just intervene if anything should go awry. Tasked by Mrs. Bennet of Longbourn, they are to guard the Bennet women to the, and during, the Netherfield Ball. A few tips have led Mrs. Bennet to believe that some slight impropriety may go down, and nothing should happen to her girls! But will the adventurers get more than they bargained for when they travel through Meryton and escort the ladies to the most wanted ball of the season at Netherfield Park?

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Into the Woods

Demons and fiends have come to usurp the great Brightcastle Woods and drain the immense radiant power that guards and sustains all life there. Alerted to the demons’ arrivals and the corruption of the Ward Guardian, Revel, the caretakers of the forest ask six adventurers to their aid. The adventurers will need help and will have to recruit beings from within the very forest itself along the way. The clock is ticking as a blight on the forest begins and each magical ward tree that powers the enchantment of the greatest forest in Airpari is slowly corrupted. Can the heroes gather the denizens of the forest to fight the evil and retake the forest?

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The Wizard’s Marbles

In this adventure, the Queen has asked the PCs for aid. Her spies have recently discovered that a wizard-turned-warlock is coming to the capital city searching for a gemstone that only their old friend is rumored to possess. The Queen asks the adventurers to search the most powerful wizard’s tower in the hopes that the missing wizard can be found before the warlock burns the city to the ground in search of this powerful artifact.

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