D. Hale Rambo

Reader Teams

Welcome to D. Hale Rambo's Reader Teams!

I want you to know I refrained from using alliteration (well a little). It was difficult!

Embark on a journey of magic and creativity by joining one of my exclusive reader teams! Whether you’re providing crucial feedback, getting a sneak peek at new books, or helping spread the word, your role is invaluable.

Beta Team

Role: Provide feedback on early drafts, shaping the story.

ARC Team

Role: Read advanced copies and share your thoughts with a review.

Street Team

Role: Promote new releases and join a community of fans.


Q: How often will I receive books/materials?

A: Frequency varies, but typically you’ll receive materials at least twice a year.

Q: Are there any specific requirements for joining?

A: Enthusiasm for fantasy (cozy fantasy, historical fantasy, mystery) and a willingness to provide honest feedback!

Q: Can I be part of more than one team?

A: Absolutely! You’re welcome to join multiple teams. Nothing would make me more thrilled.

Q: What if I can’t meet a deadline?

A: Communication is key! Just let me know, and we’ll work it out.

Join me in this magical journey and help bring these wondrous worlds to life!

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