D. Hale Rambo

Major Deities

Kaira: Deities, Sea, Ocean, Water

Noble Endurance: Procession of Time, Present, Past, Future, Land

King: Nobility, Wealth, Sky

Night Bringer: Night, Moon, Stars, Dreams, Nightmares

Bright Justice:  Sun, Law, Order, Justice

Noble Death: Death & the Afterlife

Changebearer: Transformation, Destruction, Marriage, Motherhood, Fertility

Protector: Power, Protection

Constant Preserver: Maintainer, Preserver

Wild: Rebellion, Punishment, Temptation

Curious Muse: Enlightenment, Liberation, Magic

Minor Deities

Farmer: grain, wine, agriculture, fishery, coasts, harvest, growth, and nourishment

Knowing Messenger: knowledge, mindfulness, wisdom, prophecy

Festivity: parties, festivals, madness, chaos

Lawbringer: reason, wisdom, intelligence, skill, peace, warfare, and battle, and battle strategy

Lust: fertility, beauty, and sexual desire

War: war, bloodshed, and violence

Mender: morality, healing, plague

Hunter: wilderness, hunt, beasts, archery, plants

Trickster: tricks, mischief, problems, luck, alchemy, inventiveness

Loving Artist: compassion, tenderness, love, music, arts, poetry

Explored in A Series of Decisions

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