D. Hale Rambo

Encyclopedia for World of Kairas

Welcome, welcome! I’m your guide and it is an honor to take you on a tour of Kairas. I’m ready to fill your noggin with myths, facts, and everything in between. Don’t get distracted though. Or let me get distracted. It’s easy to do. Trust me. ~ Laysa, Curator


  • Arenai: a species of diverse and passionate individuals. Oblong, long, and triangle-shaped faces with straight noses and sharply pointed ears that lean towards the sky.
    Hair of snow-white, light gray, or shades of sky blue. Cold wisps of air emanate from their skin. Created by King.

  • Brix/Brixan: a species of diverse and passionate individuals. Typically quiet, hardy folk, they are the masters of the lands. Earth-, stone- and sea-toned skin. Created by The Farmer.

  • Caster(s): people who use spellwork magic

  • Celestials: Beings with nearly translucent skin and wings of swirling with liquid gold. Created by Noble Endurance.

  • gnomes: a species of diverse and passionate individuals. They live mostly underground on the continent of Frovenzi. Jewel-toned skin and a fondness for inventions. Created by the Trickster.

  • Cors: a species of diverse and passionate individuals. Tall, long-legged with wings that match their skin and hair. They tend to be traders/sellers traveling the world. Created by the Knowing Messenger.

  • Divine Consul: deities who grant divine magic

  • Orison(s): people who use divine magic

  • Holy Speaker: Shawia’s divine leader

  • Holy Veil of Shadows (the Veil): hell, or somewhere like it

  • Hylo: realm of spellwork

  • king coin/kings/quarter king: currency

  • mechwork: mechanical creations, typically of gnomish origin

  • Order of Stone, the (aka the Order): an organization of Brix in Shaw who keep order

  • Shattering, the: cataclysmic event in world history

  • Speaker(s): political position in Shawia

  • spellwork: non-divine magic

  • Vault, the: underground system of cities where the gnomes live in Frovenzi


Kairas: the world in which the series is set. Creation of Kaira, mother deity.


Erto: continent to the west

Tovo: continent to the north

the Changed Lands, Frovenzi: continent to the east that houses the below nations and their cities

  • Arovein: original gnome city under the Vault, built over the last hundred years or so

  • Bellows, the: nothern-most mountain range on Frovenzi

  • Camdene: militant nation, majority War worshipping

  • Dragon’s Roost Mountain

  • Hadu: northeast gnome city under the Vault

  • Kerryan: nothern coastal nation, majority Lawbringer worshipping

  • Stolen Lands, the
  • Wild Woods, the
  • Zumi: gnome city, hosts the Vault underneath and the Twin Forest above land.
  • Shawia: nation on the continent of Frovenzi
    • Halles: city in southern Shawia near the Wild Woods

    • Olafstrey: northern city in Shawia
      • Old District: walled area of Olafstrey that’s an exact replica of the Holy Speaker’s childhood town
    • Shaw: capital city in Shawia

    • Smeeclyst: city in Shawia

    • Swimwey: large trade city in Shawia

    • Womodeck: city in Shawia

Sketched map of Kairas
Map of Shawia

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