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Fiona Thorne’s Renaissance Inspired Style

Between the Lines and The Planar Pages series in general, is set in a world of realms with many Renaissance-inspired elements! The clothing and style are some of my favorite things to detail out and be creative with for each of my characters. Protagonist, Fiona Thorne, embraces the striking fashion of that era but with the experienced approach of someone often in mixed company.

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the book of larrakane lore

Page of Fire, Blaze

Listen skimmers, It may be hot & “exclusive” but it is not the place to go on holiday! Trust me. Take my notes about this

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the planar pages

Between the Lines eBook release!

She lives! Between the Lines is in the world! Amazon US | Direct | Kobo | Nook | Apple | OtherAmazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AUThe Book has been unleashed and I don’t just mean Between the Lines, but

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