GSMC Book Review Podcast Interview

GSMC Book Review Podcast Interview I had a great conversation with Sarah Meckler on her podcast GSMC Book Review. We talked about writing, fantasy, and Tools of a Thief! Of course, I managed to get in a little discussion about d&d and nerding out because when do I not? Check it out! GSMC Book Review […]

Noble Endurance

Kerda Noble (a.k.a. formally Lady Endurance) Divine Domains Procession of Time, Present, Past, Future, Land Holy Books & Codes The Catalogue Divine Symbols & Sigils Sundial Clock face (11 pips) Tenets of Faith Time can bend to our wills as long as it has not past. If it has passed, you must tug it into place. ~Endurance […]

Deities of Kairas

What makes a deity powerful? Some say it is the number of followers they have or the way in which their followers worship them. Others say the deities care not about the quantity or quality of their followers but of the approval and judgment of their creator, Kaira. From either of those sources comes a […]

Battlemap for Death of Netherfield Park

I want to do print and play maps with all my adventures. I feel like that’s just fun and great for a DM to pick up and run with so here’s the free print and play maps for Death of Netherfield Park! You can find the adventure on DriveThruRPG soon! It’s released to patrons first.  […]

Literary Fantasy Tabletop Session | Mr. Darcy

I think we all know that Jane Austen’s work is ever cycling in and out of our lives. From movie adaptions, books, and even a rpg (Good Society) it will never end. And I love that! I love Jane Austen’s novels and as I grow older my interpretation and affection for characters shift and change.  […]

Into the Woods | Short Story

A scroll of parchment flourished before her. Revel took up the feather quill hovering lightly in the air beside her and signed her name. And with a lesser exit, it was gone.

Roll for Persuasion

I enjoyed writing on The Valkyries’ Call and planned to making something big of it when I started this website. I enlisted other writers to publish their content on the site and I kept up with reviews, read books, watched movies, and was sure this would be my next big thing. And then I met […]

Doctor Who S9E1 – Wheee! Let’s Make Jam.

Wakey wakey, eggs and – mmm eggs. I’m back and so is Doctor Who! I rewatched the last of Season 8 in theaters this week (as well as the tiny not worth going to the theater prequel of Season 9) and I am ready to see what Moffat and Capaldi have in store for me. […]