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A Series of Decisions on Kairas ebook Bundle: Complete Trilogy


This is an ebook bundle for the complete trilogy!

In the world Kairas the deities may be sealed away but their troubles are not. Welcome to a shattered land. A burgeoning place of diverse people, opposing magic, and unexplored nooks await. All left behind by deities who did not want to go.

Zizy, a gnome thief trying to find a new path for herself and those she meets along the way.

Laysa, a librarian who desires the powers of Casters but finds herself unable to reconcile her worth due to the deities who shun her.

Pace, a town speaker who wants nothing more than to make sure everyone he loves is safe and protected.

Skinny, an unknown ranger who finds that running from her past may mean running from her true self.

United by their separate needs, can these unlikely and unprepared travelers band together in time to solve their own problems before the world does it for them? They’ll have to face their fears and make a series of decisions that could last a lifetime.

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