Into the Woods


Demons and fiends have come to usurp the great Brightcastle Woods and drain the immense radiant power that guards and sustains all life there. Alerted to the demons’ arrivals and the corruption of the Ward Guardian, Revel, the caretakers of the forest ask six adventurers to their aid. The adventurers will need help and will have to recruit beings from within the very forest itself along the way. The clock is ticking as a blight on the forest begins and each magical ward tree that powers the enchantment of the greatest forest in Airpari is slowly corrupted. Can the heroes gather the denizens of the forest to fight the evil and retake the forest?


A Dash of Adventure. Issue #2 Into the Woods
A fairy tale for 4-6 adventure-seeking characters around 10th level.
This self-contained adventure runs three to five hours.
Created for 5E!