D. Hale Rambo

Between the Lines

Between the Lines bookcover

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Life flourishes in the Book, a world of stacked realms spanning the ages, like the pages of an epic chronicle. Each page opens to domains evoking the glory of ancient empires, the passion of the Renaissance, or the adventure of court intrigue. Those who can travel between them are page turners, blessed with the power to go from one page to the next.
For investigator Fiona Thorne, turning the page is normal life. Solving mysteries is where the excitement lives. No case is too small to ignite her curiosity, no page too familiar to explore. She is determined to leave her mark in the Book, no matter where her cases may lead.
Blaze, the page of fire, is wasting away. Fire elementals are being smuggled out in waves, but by whom? Fiona is on the job and nothing will hold her back, not even the overbearing Travel Guild. They may run the Book, but they don’t rule her. With the fire page and its creatures on the brink of winking out, she has to race to unravel who the smugglers are and how to stop them. Is there more to this case than it seems? Can Fiona read between the lines and solve it in time?


fantasy, cozy, mystery, historical 

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Paperback ISBN 978-1-7361281-9-0

Hardback ISBN 978-1-960123-06-0

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Between the Lines bookcover
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