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The Planar Pages update

I’m so happy with the way this series starter is turning out. I got a bit delayed by a big board game vacation we took and Thanksgiving here in the states but it’s coming along. Once I finish I’m going to let it sit out of sight for a few weeks while I start on ASOD Book 3. Below is an excerpt of one of my favorite intros to an out of the ways district in the main city where much of the book takes place.

“Fiona strode to the druid’s entrance and out of the city.

She marveled at how quickly the paths and nature changed. Broken stone streets gave way to dirt and vine tendrils snaking towards her destination. A bird, no three, broke out in song as she meandered past. Their high-pitched warbling was like watching rainfall with a mug of warm tea. Comforting.

The earthy scent and green leaves overtook the overwhelming smell of sweat and bodies that could be so pervasive in the city’s heart. It was as if the Forest was the only thing about Spine that was truly alive.”


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