I want to do print and play maps with all my adventures. I feel like that’s just fun and great for a DM to pick up and run with so here’s the free print and play maps for Death of Netherfield Park! You can find the adventure on DriveThruRPG soon! It’s released to patrons first. 

You have the lower level and upper level of Netherfield Park. West to east for both floors. The Death of Netherfield Park 5E adventure gives a short guide to each room and section but really, it’s up to the DM to do what they want. That’s the whole point about rpg’s anyways!

I’ve really enjoyed taking a literary novel that I love and focusing on a moment, or so, for a game I love. I’m learning 2E so I have a want to translate the mechanics & monsters for that as well. As well as other literary novels I want to play with people!


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