Battlemap for Death of Netherfield Park

I want to do print and play maps with all my adventures. I feel like that’s just fun and great for a DM to pick up and run with so here’s the free print and play maps for Death of Netherfield Park! You can find the adventure on DriveThruRPG soon! It’s released to patrons first.  […]

Literary Fantasy Tabletop Session | Mr. Darcy

I think we all know that Jane Austen’s work is ever cycling in and out of our lives. From movie adaptions, books, and even a rpg (Good Society) it will never end. And I love that! I love Jane Austen’s novels and as I grow older my interpretation and affection for characters shift and change.  […]

It Rocks: Manfeels Park

I find THOUSANDS of things I love on the internet. I mean…how can you possibly not? Sometimes I believe there is no need to review or explain, just share. Thus “It Rocks” has been born. Manfeels Park  Manfeels Park takes the real commentary from men around the Internet and puts these conversations into classic Jane […]