D. Hale Rambo

Fiona Thorne, Intrepid Investigator

“Fiona Thorne always heard curiosity would be the death of her….And that, she reasoned with herself as brisk wind twisted through the leaves and dark curls of her hair, was why she was clinging to the branches at the top of a tall tree, knowing at any moment she would fall to her death.

Curiosity was Fiona’s first love, and she reckoned if the wind got its way, it might be her last.”

Fiona is the main character of The Planar Pages. Each book centers on her and her investigations into growing threats within the Book of Larrakane.

Nickname: Fi

Age: 29

Height: 5′ 7″

Hair Color: Brown

Family: Mother (estranged), Father (deceased)

Page Turner: Yes

Belief: Larrakane

Motive: Chaotic with purpose

Fiona’s Faves

Favorite food: If coffee was a food…well she treats it like one.
Favorite hangout: The Thread (home of the latest gossip)
Favorite page: Mistral for the stunning views

Tracks & Traits

– Trained in stealth, lockpicking, and spotting liars
– Carries a truly puzzling ugly scarf that holds more than it seems
– Has a knack for know what to say to irk someone truly well

With a head of unruly brown curls and a keen mind, Fiona Thorne is an intrepid investigator driven by an insatiable curiosity. Though not a conventional beauty, Fiona pays little heed to appearances, focused instead on unraveling mysteries. She lacks brawn but makes up for it with cleverness and strategic thinking, outwitting foes and uncovering their secrets.

Fiona strongly values freedom and justice for all. She despises oppression and restrictions on liberty. This distaste drove her away from the powerful Queen of Brilliance. Now Fiona operates independently in the bustling city of Spine, helping anyone in need through her agency. She hopes to earn favors and meet the city’s leaders, aiming to promote real change.

While bravehearted, Fiona can be deferential around people like Mac, eager for their approval. But get Fiona on the trail of a puzzle, and her timidness transforms into bold determination. With an assertive tone and pragmatic philosophy, no mystery or criminal can keep secrets hidden long once Fiona sinks her teeth in. She’ll slink quietly in the shadows and use whatever cunning methods the situation requires to find the truth.

Fiona loves exploring new pages, but always returns happily to Spine’s winding streets. For this savvy investigator, curiosity brings trouble, but it’s a trouble she cheerfully chases down.

Read the Lore

Want to dive deep into the setting and the lore? Come right in.


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