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Finding Friends in Fantastical Realms

Books have the power to transport us to other worlds, whether for a few minutes of escape or for an adventure that sticks with us long after we’ve closed the covers. The Planar Pages series, set in fantastical realms inspired by history, aims to to do that and more!

Found Family and Flawed Characters to Adore

At the heart of The Planar Pages are interesting characters. Fiona Thorne, our protagonist sleuth, forges bonds with new friends and new allies Gaili, Dodger and Henrietta as they navigate the pages together chasing clues and getting in to trouble. Fiona’s inability to not speak her mind, Gaili’s inventive brain, and Henrietta’s flair are simply edges to their characters and bring them closer to one another. These characters are vulnerable yet strong, wise yet flawed – just like us. Laugh at their quirks, feel their triumphs and losses, and see in them friends between the pages of a book.

Fantastical Realms to Peruse

The Planar Pages has distinct mortal realms inspired by actual history, from the Roman Empire to the Italian Renaissance. The elemental chapters have hidden analogies to our time to be spotted and wondered over. But these fantastical realms are uniquely personal, written for wonder and delight.

Bite-Sized Adventures Full of Heart

Each adventure in the series delivers a bite-sized chunk of epic fantasy, mystery, and alternate history. But at its core is the heart of found family stories – characters forming lifelong bonds, overcoming challenges together, and finding solace in each other’s presence. If you love the fantasy of Genevieve Cogman or T. Kingfisher, you’ll find yourself right at home in The Planar Pages.

This series aims to give readers memorable characters and exciting adventures. I hope The Planar Pages brings you moments of escape – and friends to carry with you always between its covers.


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