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Mistral: Page of Air in the Elemental Chapter

Mistral is by far the most beautiful page in the Book. Brilliant blue skies, cool wind, and lots of cloud watching in the sweet crisp air. Mind the onery lightning elementals though.

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Mistral, page of air, contains sylphs and other air elementals

Alternative Name(s)

The Bold Blue

The sky’s the limit.

Major Characters in Location

Captain Henrietta

From brilliant azure skies to cold wailing winds, all that is air, gas, and in between belong in the page easiest (and prettiest if you’re not a blotter) to visit. 

Many a cloud natives of this page call home while playful winds swirl and dance in all directions. Enterprising artists, young and old, station themselves here in delight, hoping to capture even a hint of the magnificent ever blue canopy that is the forever blue sky.

Major Cities

Airmire is a beautiful city of clouds built upon clouds. The city is a sprawling masterpiece of thick cloud structures shaped into buildings many land dwellers can understand. And quite a few high up above we cannot. 

There is a sweetness in the air here, like lumps of sugar plummeting into warm milk. I am not sure what produces it in Airmire but I can guarantee you it is only there. 

Doors aren’t a thing here. They are unnecessary barriers for most of the air folks. And the amount of material that would need to be imported to make enough doors for all the shops, abodes, and more would be enough to feed everyone in this page for a solid decade. 

Though the city wasn’t made originally for visitors, I am glad it is one of the premier pagemarks in the whole of Mistral. 

The Empearal realm is a vast and foreboding domain filled with constant howling winds and immense storm clouds that block out the sun. It is here that the strongest air elementals reside, surviving the ever-present hurricane-force winds that rage throughout the realm. These violent gusts create an impenetrable border for the Empearal realm, making it nearly impossible for outsiders to venture within.

Nestled in the misty realm of Mistral lies an oft rumored place known as the Flurris Colony. Made up of a nimble, winged Onae tribe and ruled by Duchess Swiftfeather, Flurris is a hidden village in the clouds that promises intrigue and excitement.
Though the colony’s true location remains veiled in secrecy, tales describe an extensive network of vine-woven nests and platforms concealed in the hazy skies. The Onae glide through the mist on shimmering wings, never straying too far from their foggy home. At the center sits the largest nest, an open-aired structure that houses the colony’s elders and served as its gathering place.
But Flurris is more than meets the eye. Though small in number compared to some tribes, the Onae boast a sprawling hunting territory that covers miles in every direction across Mistral’s boundless skies. The shifty inhabitants guard the entrance to their domain, permitting only those they deem worthy to pass through the veil of clouds.

Air Folks, Beasts & Monsters

Onae are seldom seen outside of Mistral, page of air. Only a handful are even page turners. Enough to stand out in any crowd on Spine. Though they were as diverse as humans in cultures and looks, they still have some of the habits of birds to the human page.
They are somewhat seclusionist (see Flurris Colony below) and many avoid contact with other species, and many individuals rarely, if ever, leave their home territory. But what I do know is that in their society they always choose a female as leader. They are deemed far more controlled emotionally and voted to rule over a hundred extended family. There is debate among scholars that this is fairly recent as to the inking, when Larrakane appeared to them as a giant female black bird but good luck getting an onae to answer you about it, or much of anything. 
The Cerulle are have dwelled in Mistral longer than anyone can remember. Many say they were born from the first mists that cascaded from the dark edge and across the bounteous sky. As the mists coalesced and thickened, they took on humanoid forms with skin as deep blue as the sky itself. The crisp white lines that mark their bodies represent the currents of air that flow through them.
Cerulles are deeply connected to the winds and clouds that surround their floating cities. Their myths speak of great cloud shifters who could gather clouds with a gesture. They use their innate powers to swirl and compress the mists into useful shapes and forms. They are maestros of manipulating cloud and air.
Cerulles value tranquility, harmony, and oneness with the elements. They nurture the clouds as best they can and pass down their processes and ways as best they can. The swirling patterns on their skin serve to remind them of the ephemeral nature of all things, even for a race as long-lived as they.

What is there to say about the Slyphs that they do not promote themselves? Their very being is hot air. Well, whirls of stark white air in tight curls but they are often saying something meaner than expected. 


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Want to dive deep into the setting and the lore? Come right in.


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