D. Hale Rambo

World of Kairas

A Series of Decisions on Kairas

A high fantasy trilogy set in the world Kairas where the deities may be sealed away but their troubles are not. 

Welcome to a shattered world. A burgeoning place of diverse people, opposing magic, and unexplored nooks await. All left behind by deities who did not want to go. This is Kairas. The backdrop to the adventures of Zizy, a gnome trying to find a new path for herself and those she meets along the way.

A Series of Decisions features:

♦ heartwarming lgbtq+ characters

♦  fast-paced action & adventure

♦ immersive worldbuilding

♦  deep mysteries

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Cozy, High Fantasy, Coming of Age

Tools of a Thief ebook cover
Book 1
Components of a Caster
Book 2
Book 3

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