D. Hale Rambo

Gaili, Amazing Alchemist, Inventor, and Friend

Gaili shot over to the brew spewing over onto the small fire. The faun bent over the boiling pot and fanned the smoke. Grabbing mittens and tongs, she eased the pot off the fire and onto an iron rack. “Oh, cracks and crucibles. It’s definitely gone off now. There’s no way I’m going to be able to save this but for the grace of Larrakane.” She cast off the mittens and palmed her face in her hands, her golden skin deeply contrasted by her small black horns.

Stamping her hooves, she started to mumble to herself: “But if I can cool it and mix it with a little powder, it may at least be a half-time potion. Yes, I—” She cut off and started to whizz around the room pulling bottles and plants from shelves and chucking them into the pot.

Nickname: Gails

Age: 58

Height: 6′ 5″

Hair Color: Bright Pink

Family: Parents

Page Turner: Yes

Belief: Larrakane

Motive: Tinker with the unknown

Favorite Pastime: Experimenting with new potion ingredients and keeping detailed notes in her journal

Preferred Reading: Obscure alchemical texts, ingredient encyclopedias, the latest scientific journals from The Courts of Copper

Dream Vacation: Traversing the realms to catalog ingredients, collect rare finds, and record their alchemical properties

What Brings Her Joy: Using her skills to help others proves her worth in small but meaningful ways. Someday, perhaps she’ll find the confidence to stand alongside legends like her former mentor.

Born to baker parents in The Court of Copper page, Gaili had an imaginative spirit and curious mind from a young age, it seems. Her overprotective parents shielded her from the world, but she found wonder any way she could.

Becoming an apprentice to Clara, a renowned alchemist and scholar, was the fulfillment of Gaili’s longing for creativity and adventure. Under Clara’s wing, Gaili soaked up alchemical knowledge and aimed to make her mentor proud through tireless effort and perfectionism.

She currently runs her shop, “The Pestle and Mortar” in the artisan district. Gaili uses her alchemy skills to make elixirs, tonics, and ingredients for clients. She is imaginative and passionate about helping others.

Gaili is shy and insecure, scarred by past rejection, but eager to aid Fiona however she’s able. Her curiosity leads her to find creative solutions to problems, while her discretion makes her a trusted confidante. Though soft-spoken, she demonstrates her strength through steadfast loyalty and skill few can match. Never mistake her gentleness for weakness.

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