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Blaze: Page of Fire in the Elemental Chapter

Dear skimmers, while Blaze may be hot and "exclusive", it is simply not the place to go on holiday! Trust me. Take my notes about this page to heart and if you can't be persuaded, at least acquire proper gear at the Travel Guild.

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Blaze, page of fire, contains salamanders, flarions, ragnis, and other fire elementals

Alternative Name(s)

Blazing Wastes

Where flames dance eternal.

Major Characters in Location

The Ashborn

Salamander Clan Council

It’s theorized all that is heat, radiance, and raw power comes originally from this page. Or, it used to. The page of fire was the hottest place in the cosmology. Blazing flames consumed everything they touched that wasn’t guarded against the fire. But then one day that flame was snuffed out.

Don’t bring it up to the fire denizens though. They are still sore about it and looking to blame anyone. Even one of their own.

Realms of the Fire Page

Flat hot rocks everywhere the realm is separated from the Ragnis and Flarion elementals by the La’verun Mountain. Both of which are on The Cap. A notable pagemark from Spine leaves a turner in La’mior Forest on the west side of Aredin’s Rock. 

Realm Regions

There are 4 areas in the realm broken out by early historical arguments and decided on by Aredin, then leader of the salamanders.

  • Northhill is the highest area of the realm and driest region.
  • Eastrun is closest to the La’verun Mountain‘s west side and is the main site of magma collection.
  • Southburn is closest to the magma ocean that is the coast of The Boiling Basin.
  • Westtree is closest to the La’mior Forest and the Travel Guild outpost. The clan council often remain here to talk with visiting turners when needed. It is also closest to the food hunted in the forest.


The terrain is flat or stubbly pumice rock from centuries of La’verun Mountain erupting. Though a thin river from the Boiling Basin runs through the realm, the magma flowing only provides sustenance when thinned and cooled slightly.

Localized Phenomena

The La’verun Mountain erupts fairly often though not on any predictable schedule known by the salamanders.

Where the various Flarions, Ragnis, and other strictly elemental creatures live their best lives. Do not venture for nothing can be gained except hot temperatures.

The Ashborn dwells here high above the basin and flat hot rocks. High above the smoke clouds and ash storm on the floating island known as Radiance Peak. Though outsiders would say they live in the light, the Ashborn lives in the radiant glow of an ever burning fire too bright to be anything other than a constant roiling immolation that mirrors that of their heart.  Outside of this peak, the Ashborn has created dwellings for those fire natives who desire peace more than fighting. Though the island is not much more than mirrored molten rock riding the thick remnants of smoke clouds, it is home to dozens of cast off fire creatures, exiled salamanders, and tired elementals. Because of this, they have taken to calling them the Ashborn liege and following their direction as they work towards a less hot headed life.

Fire Folks, Beasts & Monsters

Besides fire, these elementals have ichor flowing through their bodies. While this could be used as an alchemical ingredient I’d like to see the foolhardy alchemist or skimmer who tries to acquire it. 

The elementals live directly in a pools of scorching magma. Their culture seems to be built around these pools and, besides eating from the magma, the creatures in the basin only war with the salamanders.

Solid creatures with pointy ears that emit a noxious gas which fits in perfectly well on Blaze but isn’t really looked upon fondly anywhere else.

This humanoidesqe creatures are living flame. While they have a somewhat metallic  bone structure, the bodily flame is their claim to fame. They seem almost liquid fire in this way.

Ragnis are organized in tribes to protect themselves, but know when to back down from overwhelming odds to ensure their survival. In the page, they are often persecuted by the salamanders and other fire elementals.

Aredin was the first notable (or even named perhaps) salamander to claw his way out of the The Boiling Basin and start what would be known at as the salamander realm. There are statues of him…if you can call them statues, in the center of the four regions.

Salamanders will tolerate most folk if there’s food to be had or an argument to lose. But they will not tolerate dealings with fire elementals. There may be an occasion, or many, where a salamander turns from toleration to thoughts of a meaty meal in the blink of an eye. As is such the promise of future food may buy you enough time to run off and be forgotten.

Read the Lore

Want to dive deep into the setting and the lore? Come right in.


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