Geek Girl Brunch’s Gotham Academy Giveaway ends Feb 4th!

While the VC is about every genre my love for geeky stuff definitely spills over a lot. Check out Geek Girl Brunch’s Gotham Academy Giveaway details below! Geek Girl Brunch GOTHAM ACADEMY DOUBLE DOWN GIVEAWAY! NYC GEEK GIRLS– Send us a photo of yourself at checkout at Forbidden Planet NYC(or with your FP receipt) with […]

Reader’s Block

I have, what I like to call, Reader’s Block. It’s a bit like writer’s block except for that fact that I can technically write just fine. I just have no interest in reading anything new right now. I can’t seem to connect with the characters when I pick up a new book. I can’t even […]

5 Fandom Friday – Fictional Foods & Drinks I Wish Really Existed

For my first post into 5 Fandom Friday I wanted to showcase things that technically don’t exist and can’t really be duplicated unlike, say, Butterbeer (mmm Butterbeer). These are my top 5 food and drinks that I wish existed so I could stock my pantry and perhaps rule the world. Perhaps. Ambrosia Look, if it’s […]

Geeky Confessions

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of geeky confessions around the blogosphere and they’ve been super fun and intriguing to read! Started by Mariko, of Gamer Wife, the confessions are nice examples of how all geeks are not the same, but can support each other despite differences! Let’s be real. Geeky, nerdy, and dorky are just a few different adjectives for the same kick […]

Geek Cocktails

I plan things way in advance. Sometimes way way WAY in advance. It’s part of my Project Manager nature. Knowing that I love all things geek and most things alcoholic (I blame working in advertising) a friend passed me some ideas for nerdy geek cocktails. Now I am on a crazy search to find awesome ones and while […]